Why Consulting a Hair Specialist is Better Than Using At-Home Solutions

Aside from the weather that tends to stay lovely all year round, another thing that makes Pune a popular destination spot for local and foreign tourists alike is that it offers all kinds of amenities and activities that allow everyone to unwind and have fun.

For instance, lots of music, cultural, and religious festivals are held in this ninth most populated city of India. There is never a shortage of shopping areas for shopaholics, too.

Because people from all walks of life tend to convene in this city, which is sometimes called Oxford of the East and Queen of Deccan, one can’t help but be conscious about his or her appearance. And, when it comes to looks, having thick and shiny hair can spell the difference between being a traffic-stopper and feeling insecure.

Currently, it seems like there is never a shortage of at-home products for an assortment of hair problems. Leading the list are shampoos, gels, creams, and sprays for baldness. Some of them include the genes, too much stress, and certain medical conditions.

The problem with these commercially available products is that not all of them can deliver. It’s exactly due to this why seeking the help of a hair specialist in Pune is a better solution. This allows a person to come across various treatments, each one of them coming with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Despite this, getting in touch with an expert allows one to enjoy solutions capable of providing dramatic and, in many instances, permanent results necessary for regaining lost self-esteem and self-confidence.


Most at-home solutions for various hair-related concerns contain harsh and often questionable ingredients. Because of this, they are notorious for causing all kinds of unwanted side effects, which some manufacturers fail to print on the packaging.

A lot of consumers realize that nasty side effects are possible only when they are already around. Scalp irritation is one of the most common side effects associated with the use of OTC topical products for hair thinning and other issues related to the hair.

If hair loss is the concern, irritating the scalp should be the last thing a person should commit. That’s because it may damage the hair follicles, and this may lead to permanent hair loss. Eye irritation is possible, too, especially if the directions for use and other precautionary measures are not followed. Instead of having lovely hair, in some cases, a consumer may end up with serious problems, many of which require expensive and repeated treatments.

On the other hand, allowing a hair specialist to spring into action is generally safe. A person who wants to look his or her best can have peace of mind, especially if a licensed and experienced specialist with lots of very satisfied clients is approached.



While it’s true that most commercially available solutions for different hair-related matters are easy on the pocket, a lot of them do not work. Instead of saving a lot of money, one may wind up spending more hard-earned cash than necessary due to constantly buying at-home products that do not work.

The cost can add up if the wrong products are purchased and used. Besides leaving a consumer broke, it can also break his or her heart thinking that there is no hope. This can aggravate reduced self-esteem and self-confidence that hair loss brings.

Well, there is hope, provided that the right solutions are sought. When it comes to different problems concerning the hair, it is a better idea to seek the opinion of a hair specialist in Pune than get one’s hands on all kinds of at-home products.

This allows a person to know what the various options are, allowing him or her to make the right decision with the guidance of an expert. Because of this, dramatic results can be obtained. Stepping foot inside a hair specialist’s clinic may not be the cheapest solution around, but it is certainly one of the most effective approaches available.



Not all of Pune’s hair specialists are the same. It is of utmost importance to approach someone who offers some of the most effective hair loss treatments, from micro-needling to hair transplant. Having lots of high-star ratings and positive reviews from very satisfied and good-looking clients is a telltale sign that one’s hair is in good hands.