Types of Effective Acne Scar Treatment in Pune

Globally, acne may be one of the top health concerns associated with the skin. Yet, it is not just skin deep – issues can also pervade other organs.

Whether you have some emotional and psychological problems or burdening yourself physically, acne can show up. Over 90% of the population across the world is estimated to suffer from acne issues.

Reports predict that by 2026, there will be 23 million people in India affected by acne. Closer to home, in Pune, stats reveal that women are more prone to this skin problem than men. In any case, acne likely results in nasty scarring. If you face these types of problems, you can always seek acne scar treatment in Pune to protect your skin health today.

Types of Acne

Acne is a chronic skin condition that leads to inflammation caused due to multiple factors. Some may include genetics, hormonal changes during puberty, environment, food, immune system, stress, etc.

Several types of acne threaten people in Pune and the rest of India. They are acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, acne fulminans, acne cosmetica, and others.

Among these, 99% of people have acne vulgaris. Most of them happen due to excess secretions from sebaceous glands, increased inflammation, hyper-colonization of follicles, etc.

What Are Acne Scars?

There are two main types of acne scars: atrophic and hypertrophic. Atrophic scars are further divided as icepick scars, rolling scars, and boxcar scars. These names denote the shape of the scars – V-shaped, U-shaped, and W-shaped, respectively.

Dermatologists conduct a thorough evaluation and assess which type of scars need therapeutic intervention. They use specialized techniques like silicon elastomer molds to assess the grade of each scar.

By examining them under a light microscope, they further learn the acne scars’ characteristics. Adolescents, women, and adults with other medical problems in Pune Mostly have atrophic scarring.

Treatment for Acne Scars in Pune

Seeing as atrophic scars are the most common, here are the various types of treatment available:


This process involves 6-7 sessions, with a two-week gap between each sitting. On the efficacy scale, it can be rated as medium. Specialists may use chemical peeling if necessary, in a process called Chemabrasion.

Using mechanized means, micro marbles are projected onto the affected area of the skin. They contain aluminum oxide, which will be passed on each scar for around twenty times. It is ideal for superficial and moderate scarring.


Dermabrasion is similar to the above method, but here they use a motorized diamond head. This is one of the older techniques, considered to become obsolete. It comes with some drawbacks like prolonged downtime to recover and pigmentary disturbances. Yet, it has high rates of success.

Surgical Techniques

Methods like punch excision fall under the surgical category. It is very effective and gives prompt and long-lasting results. The treatment types include excision, autograft, and subcutaneous sectioning to remove the dermal adhesions.

Resurfacing Techniques

Given the high temperatures and humidity in cities like Pune and western Maharashtra, people face sun damage. You are more likely to have acne scarring due to sun exposure. Skin resurfacing methods like TCA peeling help restore your skin color and make it glow.

Spot TCA peeling can also treat deep scars and severe acne residues. It may be a painful and lengthy procedure for some people. However, the results are top-notch. In this technique, specialists maintain contact between the skin and TCA (applied with a sharp tool) until whitening happens.

Laser Therapy

Lasers are some of the trending treatment methods currently. These offer safe and painless procedures that are perfect for superficial, red, and hypertrophic scars. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and ablative laser resurfacing and fractional photo thermolysis are a few promising methods. They achieve skin rejuvenation with minimal side effects. They deliver 90% results in clinical improvement.

Fillers and Dermapens

Fillers are injected underneath the car to help raise the skin to the normal level. Derma pens use a micro-needling system to lift the scar depression. They both promote improved healing without much downtime. They encourage natural collagen production in the skin and restore its suppleness. These are some of the minimally invasive procedures used for acne scar treatment in Pune.

India is one of the fastest-growing markets for all sorts of skin disorder treatments. Particularly, Pune is one of the leading providers that draws patients from foreign shores. The city offers state-of-the-art facilities, low-cost treatment plans, and efficient therapies, and has emerged on the top. For something as sensitive as skincare, you can find the best doctors here.