Stunning Wedding Hairstyle, Bridal Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle Makeup and hair are the most critical factors for an Indian bride. Dressed in wedding fineries with glittering jewelry and stunning mehndi adorning her hands all that she needs is a beautiful hairstyle.

There are so many beautiful options to choose from when getting a hairdo for a wedding. Of course, quite a large part depends on the length of the hair and its texture. But a skilled hair stylist can create many different styles that go a long way to make brides look pretty. After all, it is that day of life – and it is all important to look superb. T is more than important that the hair matches makeup and her lehenga or sari perfectly.

Half up half down Wedding Hairstyle

With the passing of each year the half up half down hairstyle has become more and more popular. It is a fantastic way to show off long hair and can look romantic and casual at the same time. It is a modern yet timeless look that suits everyone. There are several styles or ways which can be used, but the best is the half French twist and half cascades. Ask the stylist to add some soft curls which add emotion to the face.

Loose waves Wedding Hairstyle

A slightly bohemian look that is not entirely eccentric is loose waves. It is created by curling the hair two inches at a time with a curling iron. After it is complete, the stylist will run a brush through it and open the curls outwards and make it look like beach hair with a wavy texture. Not exactly a formal hairstyle and no fuss either. It is merely spirals of hair left loose and all bouncy. Mostly associated with a beach going boho lifestyle, it has caught the imagination in the last few years as a popular way to get noticed on your wedding day.

Braids Wedding Hairstyle

A classic hairstyle fro time of Romans the braid has made a popular comeback after half a century of neglect. It is created by adding volume to the hair and adding a faint wave at the tips. Now the stylist will divide the hair into sections and braid them by crisscrossing them over each other. This creates a thick rope-like look. Another way is to make half a braid and leave the other half as a ponytail. This works well with those who have long and straight hair with a lot of bulk. Braids have a timeless look and appeal. Its most significant plus factor is it is a hairstyle that will stay in place no matter how windy it is.

Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

It is laid back yet sophisticated. This is what has made ponytails popular among brides down the ages. The high ponytail is the one most in fashion with the ponytail starting almost from the crown of the head. There are different styles with bangs in front and curls on the side to add character to the face. The low ponytail that almost starts at the nape of the neck is another all-time favorite. Simple to create and without any fuss it is a staple of wedding hairdo. It always has been popular due to its youthfulness and style. The best thing is it can survive hundreds of hugs and dances and photo sessions but keep you cool and comfortable.

Side sweep Wedding Hairstyle

Just sweep your long curls to the side and hold them in place with an elegant clasp. This style is all about looking cool and poised during your wedding with not too much attention to your hair. The best way is to curl the hair using a curling iron and brush it for a wavy look. Sweep it to the right and hold it in place with a chunky silver clasp. It is best for brides with medium length hair which is a little longer than the shoulders. A loose braid near the top adds to it an elegant touch.

Chignon Wedding Hairstyle

Probably the most glamorous hairstyle it is the choice of many for their wedding. It is unbeatable in its chic look and very feminine. To be honest, it is just a fancy French word for a bun. But a chignon is something more than a plain bun; it is a style statement of immense proportions. With hypnotizing beauty, it is not at all hard to achieve with the help of an expert stylist. The hair is washed and divided into three sections. The middle section is used to create a low ponytail. The other two parts are curled in towards the ponytail and held with hairpins. Next, the ponytail is rolled up and pinned into a bun. In the last step, hairspray is used to give it stiffness.

The Triple Braid Bun

A fun hairstyle with oodles of charisma added to it. The stylist will create three braids. The middle braid is at first rolled into a coil and held in place by pins. Next, the other two braids are twisted into buns and held in place by a little bit of hairspray. It looks magical and classy at the same time.

The Fishtail Pony

It looks complicated but is very easy to create. Make a neat braid in the middle of the hair. Leave the ends free and well brushed. Pull the braid a bit to make it look like a soft weave instead of a strict braid. Spray with medium hold hair stiffener to keep it all I place and looking neat as well as stylish.

The Buffed Pin-Ups

The stylist will use a rat tail comb to divide the hair into two parts neatly. Each will be tied into a lengthy pigtail. The two parts are then braided until the end. Tuck in the ends of the braid and roll them up. Hold them in place with bobby pins. Apply a light hold hairspray to hold curls in place.

The Twist

This amazing style is created by dividing hair into different sections and twisting the strands of each next to each other. It looks superb on curly or wavy hair and adds a touch of class. For looking more fashionable try a twisted updo. This is done with thick twists that have a lot of volume rolled up and pined near the crown of the head.