Mehandi design

Mehandi design the message of love and hope on every hand

Mehandi design & India are two closely related words from time immemorial. The use of Mehandi or Henna in India has a great cultural meaning and significant value. Henna or Mehandi is a plant whose dry leaves have the property of giving a reddish tone to any surface to that it is applied. In Indian culture and tradition, henna also called mehandi could be a part of almost any celebration which includes weddings.. It is believed that the plant from India is auspicious and sacred and, therefore, offers a good omen for decorating any girls’ hands and feet. The wide range of designs that the Indians have developed with the art of henna is simply fantastic.

Mehandi designs for the hands

Do you plan to get married soon? So you still have a few weeks left to organize your Mehandi party. This henna ceremony brings the future bride with her close friends, the wives of her family, to a night in which they can choose the reasons. It is also an opportunity to discuss, enjoy a moment among women and gossip about prenuptial moments.

It is said that during this ceremony, the mehandi of the bride will reveal the passion between the future spouses. The color of the red henna that was applied during the ceremony is impregnated during the night. The next morning, the women who attended at night can see if red is more or less intense.

New Mehandi design

The latest Mehandi models are from Arabia. It is not like the traditional motives of Marwar and has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Arab Mehandi Disigns begin at the corner of a hand and move diagonally upward to the index Finger. They use lots of flowers, vines and totally different pattern leaves to fill this space. they are fast and easy to make than traditional Mehandi designs and dry faster. These models are best for those who have less time or patience and want henna designs with a degree of shading and a combination of design and space.

Simple Mehandi designs

Rajasthan Mehandi patterns are traditional patterns in which the pattern covers complete hands. Mango and peacock Simple Mehandi Designs are the best-known motifs used in this style. The reason is that the dance of the peacocks and the ripening of mangoes, the Mehandi is used in India on all happy occasions Festival Like Diwali, Marriage, the drawings show the same.

Mehandi designs 2019

The Mehandi 2019 designs are easy to draw and minimalist, retaining the same design themes. All you have to do is create a beautiful outline that you can fill with different patterns, such as – The shape of the peacock’s head, and the eyes and beak are added. Then it will also be filled with various designs. Long lines are drawn to indicate that the feathers and circles on both sides to show the spots on the feathers. The best thing about mehandi 2019 ideas is that there is no wrong way to draw or perfect approach. you can place everything, any style and it works well. you can be innovative and try different models with mango and peacock models to form entirely new designs never seen before.

Latest mehandi designs

The most beautiful of these have to be the bracelet design. This new design encircles the wrist and extends up to the fingertips. For contrast, a couple of fingers may be left bare. The best design to apply is flowers and ornate decorations. It is elegant and modern which is apt for today’s fashionable women who want to stay rooted in the past but move forward.

Mehandi design images

For young women who wish to put on a stunning display of art on their fingers there are what is known as henna tattoos. From chequered pictures of their loved ones to latticework in multi-color, it is all acceptable, and a good henna artist will reproduce it perfectly.

Indian mehandi designs

Flowers is the most common thing to find in a wedding. That is why the traditional designs are floral and made of flowers and vines in an intricate layout. Patterns using tiny leaves can adorn from the elbow to the fingers in gracious sweeping curves. Fill it in with vivid rangoli patterns to make yourself come alive.

Mehandi dizen

The best part about Indian festivals are that they are so colorful and eye-catching. An activity you just cannot do without this Karva Chauth is lovely mehandi Dizen on your hands. It really brings in the festive mood and adds an exotic look to your clothes and makeup. The most known and easy design is that of a diya or lamp. There is a particular freshness about it that cannot go unnoticed.

Mehandi henna design

Get creative with a depiction of a King and Queen on your hands. Who can miss the significance of such a motif on the day of your wedding. It is a design of two faces on palms that face each other and complement the flowery patterns accompanying them perfectly.

Mehandi dijains

The jaal or net has very frequently been used as a background. It can be in the shape of a glove which is very quirky and chic. If you are traditional, you can opt for the conventional paisley used from time immemorial. Break the sameness with a chequered pattern here and there and long lines with loops. You could also try out an elephant motif which adds grace and charm.

When it comes to mehandi designs, there are innumerable ways that your hands can be decorated with this red dye. From simple dots and circles to lengthy patterns with brocade-like delicacy it is all there to satisfy your every whim and needs. The most important thing is to remember that there is no wrong or right design. Just go with the flow, let your hair down and be innovative and try out what looks best for your hands and feet.