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Maintenance plays an important role in keeping valuable equipment working. Even a car or a computer needs to be maintained and repaired. The same as watches, whether high-end or modestly priced, will require repairs at some point in the future to keep them running properly.


An incentive to entrust watch repairs to professionals is that many timepieces come with warranties. Unfortunately, home repairs may void the warranty and cause the watch to be damaged. Moreover, the cost of correcting a botched DIY repair might be more expensive than a repair from a watch repair service. Seiko Philippines can help you with repairs and maintenance of your watch.

Repair works

Major watch repairs are only performed in Chronometer’s main watch laboratories under strict quality control testing using sophisticated test equipment, high-quality repair tools, lubricants of various grades, and ultrasonic cleaning machines that remove dirt and gummed oil from watch and clock parts microscopically. In addition, only authentic SEIKO replacement components are used in the Chronometer Corporation.


The receiving centers swiftly inspect and service watches and replace batteries and external watch components. We adhere to the highest Japanese standards while doing great repairs and maintenance.

Are Seiko watches repairable?

Seiko timepieces are built to la a long and deliver accurate and dependable performance. However, over time, a watch must be serviced regularly to guarantee it works properly.


We recommend contacting an Authorized Seiko Service Center or a Seiko-approved dealer for watch repairs. A watch is a sensitive precision device that must be serviced by highly educated and professional technicians who use Seiko-developed specific equipment. Customer Service Center can help you locate a service center in your region.

How long should a Seiko watch last?

To preserve the optimal performance of the watch for a long time, periodic examination and adjustment by disassembly and cleaning (overhaul) are advised once every 2 to 3 years.


The power transmission gear of this watch’s movement is continually receiving force. Washing components, changing oil, regulating precision, verifying functions, and replacing consumable parts regularly are all necessary to guarantee that this mechanism operates all the time correctly.

What happens when a watch gets serviced?

The industry recommends watches be serviced every three to five years. After that period, broken parts are likely to damage other components, and lubricants may dry up, causing more damage to the watch. All of these damages, when added together, will result in a greater repair cost.


A good watchmaker’s service includes dismantling, cleaning, oiling, and polishing the timepiece. Damaged components will be repaired or replaced as needed. Before returning your timepiece, the watchmaker will rebuild it and tune it in many areas to ensure it functions well.

Service centers in the Philippines

Visit service facilities to get answers to your questions concerning your watch. In the Philippines, there are several service centers, or you may contact them using the accessible email addresses and phone numbers. Locate the service center on our page.



Whether your watches are high-end or modestly priced, it is important to take good care of them. Have them checked regularly to avoid problems that will cost you a lot of money. Visit Seiko for more information and available parts for your timepiece.


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