The Advantages of Having a Manual Watch

The Advantages of Having a Manual Watch

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Owning a manual or mechanical watch can be a different experience. From the name itself, it moves on its mechanical gears. So you get to see the small details of how the watch moves. Luxury brands still make this to preserve the art. Due to this, watchmaking is currently done by a select few.

Maintaining this watch will take effort. How? Think of it as handling your daily routines. How you do those activities will affect the watch’s performance. In this article, you learn the advantages of having a manual watch.

No Need for Battery

All manual watches use a mainspring as the battery. It removes the need to replace the battery with the help of a jeweler. To make it work again, you simply wind the watch daily. You can also tighten the winding so the mainspring can be extended. For some, it can be a difficult task. But there are models that you do not need to wind the watch every day.

Long Term Investment

With the intricacies of manual watches, it is no surprise that they are more expensive. However, one wearer can maintain a watch for three to four decades. So not only do you own a luxury watch, but it also has to be taken care of. If you plan to have one, consider what you may encounter.

Handcrafted by Experts

As they rely on high-quality parts, experts have to ensure that they won’t be damaged. For example, manual watches have intricate gears not found in automatic watches. Seiko watches Philippines even introduce an electronic regulator for better precision. Moreover, with the number of parts, it won’t break for a long period of time. It is one of many reasons why the watch can be an heirloom for the family.

Smooth Hand Movement

In manual watches, you will not hear the ticking sound. Instead, what you get in the hands of the clock moves smoothly. Even the gears will follow suit. The smooth movement is the result of time and effort by the watchmaker.

Prestigious Design

With its handcrafted design, it is possible to own a once-in-a-lifetime watch. The device uses traditional engineering methods not used in modern manufacturing. Some delicate watches include specific aesthetics only used for that purpose. Not many watches are built that way these days, which further shows its rarity.


The manual watch exudes the effortless elegance of the watchmaker. However, maintaining it will test how it can last when owned by the wearer. Having this piece of luxury watch can show where you are in life. Then, when it is time, you can pass it on to the next generation. Why? There might be a chance the same watch will not be made again.



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