Want To Decorate Your Spot With Gorgeous Candles? Here Are The Different Types That Can Do That.

Light has found various ways of entering our lives over time, and it has found various meanings for us as well. From the first discovery of fire as an uncontrollable tool to the now, the use of lights around the world with just a finger touches. But traditional ways offer something the technology cannot, which is the natural beauty of fire. Candles are the perfect example of this, as they have evolved into becoming a more decorative object in the 21st century. Be it ordering candles online or searching through the shelves of a candle shop, their history and style are way too elegant to be ignorant about them. This article aims to educate the reader about candles and their designs that can offer the perfect decoration at any time and place. At the end of this article, one can hope to understand the various types of candles and be ready to make a choice that best suits the occasion.


Types of Candles


  • Taper Candles

Taper Candles are the simplest type of candles that have been in use for a long time. They have a long burning life of up to 10 hours, though they lack the rigid support to stand up on their own. One needs to have a candle stand for them. They can come in different colors but their name comes from their thin shape. They are usually 1 inch thick. These are also what is used for most candlelight dinners in restaurants. These are usually made with paraffin and beeswax.


  • Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles get their name from their ability to stand on their own, like a pillar. These candles have a burn life of about 3-4 hours but they create less smoke than the others. Their height ranges from 3 to 16 inches tall, but their life depends on their diameter. They make up for excellent centerpieces with a decorative bowl or a plate. Palm wax is the most common material used to make these.


  • Votive Candles

Votive candles are just about 2 inches thick with a height of around 2.5 inches, made with paraffin wax. They need to be placed in a holder before they are lit, or they can be placed at wall sconces. Churches used them a lot in their prayers and they come in a variety of colours to decorate for the holy prayer.


  • Floating Candles

Floating Candles are the smallest candles that one can find. They are meant to be lightweight so that they can float easily on the water without drowning. They are best suited to be used as decoration around the dinner table or near the bathtub in the bathroom. Placed in a large bowl filled with water and one can leave up to 4-5 candles together. Their floating ability makes them free from being in the stick shape, so they come with various shapes such as hearts or stars. At most, these are no thicker and bigger than 3 inches. These are made with either paraffin or palm wax.


  • Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles are designed to be safe and colorful as they are kept on the cake, there is no dripping down of wax from them. They can come in different shapes and letters to write their name with candles on the cake. Any candle shop can offer them for the occasion. These require special support and don’t use any synthetic material in making.


  • Liquid Candles

Liquid Candles use paraffin liquid wax that is stored in a small transparent bottle. They can be a little delicate to carry but they are safe to be kept near food as there is no dripping of the wax. They can burn up to 100 hours at most.


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