Types of Swimwear to Look Out for If You have a Curvy Body

When you are curvier than most people, it can be difficult to find swimwear with the correct fit. But you will be able to find curvy swimwear that fits you well by trying on different styles. This article shares some of the crowd’s favourite swimsuits for curvy bodies so you can choose the right one for your body type!


High-waisted swimsuits are flattering on all body types. They are great for covering up any tummy flab you have, and they can also hide cellulite. Some high-waisted swimsuits also have higher backs that help you feel more confident when wearing them.

Halter Top

  • High-cut leg: Halter swimwear is a great choice for women who want to show off their curves but don’t want to reveal too much skin. They tend to be higher cut at the leg and neckline than other styles and can be worn with or without a bra, depending on what you feel comfortable in.
  • High-cut neckline: Many halter tops have an open back with high-cut sides that give them a sexy appeal. Opting for one with straps over your shoulders offers more coverage and support than other types of swimwear pieces.


One-shoulder swimwear is an excellent choice for curvy swimwear because it can be worn with either an over-the-shoulder strap or under the arm. This means that you can choose your preferred level of support and coverage, depending on what you’re looking for.

One-shoulder suits are also perfect with any type of top, whether a bandeau or tankini, high waist bottom or hipster bottom.


An underwire swimsuit is a great choice for your bathing suit if you have a curvy body. Underwire swimsuits provide the best support to your breasts because they can make them look fuller and perkier. They also keep the busts in place so that you don’t have to worry about them falling out of your top at any moment.

Underwire swimsuits are especially beneficial for women with large bust sizes, as they provide more coverage than regular push-ups and padded bras. This is because they go around each breast separately instead of just pushing them up together as other bras do. If this sounds like what you need to ensure that no one knows how big your cup size is (or even if someone does), then underwires are worth looking into!

Crop Top/Tankini

If you want to wear a crop top in the water, it is best to choose one with built-in bra cups. The ones with removable pads are also good options to consider, as they allow you to adjust the size of your bust. If you do not want to go for a crop top but still want a cute swimsuit, then a tankini is another option you can consider. Tankinis look great on curvy women because they come with less coverage than regular swimsuits and thus provide plenty of comforts when worn in the water.

Similarly, if you are interested in buying a tankini for beach trips or vacations this summer but do not know which one will suit your taste and body type, try on as many swimsuits as possible to find the best one.

Some swimsuits will work better than others if you have a curvy figure. You want to ensure that you look good in your swimsuit, so it’s essential to find one that fits well and makes you feel good!

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