Tips for choosing the wedding saree

Are you aiming to look stunning on your wedding day? If so, read this blog where we provide 10 pro tips for choosing wedding wear. Choosing your wedding wear can be quite a challenge, considering factors like budget, style, and personal taste. That’s why we have created the ultimate guide to help you in selecting the perfect wedding wear.

So whether you are a bride-to-be or a fashion-conscious person for both cases our 8 pro Tips for choosing the wedding saree for the bride will help you in making a bold statement in front of your fellow crowd.

Tips for choosing the wedding saree

Fabrics for wedding wear – When you are thinking about having wedding wear at that time fabric is the most important part which you must notice. As you aim to look stunning on that special day, I believe a silk saree should be your preference. To ensure you select a pure silk saree, pay attention to the ‘silk mark certified’ tag, indicating its authenticity as a pure silk fabric.

If you prefer a lightweight and easy-to-maintain saree, consider choosing chiffon or georgette sarees. Both fabrics are easy to drape and maintain.

If you want to remain a standout from the crowd then a net fabric-made saree should be your preference. Its bold color and various designs will help you to remain a standout from the crowd.

Design of your wedding wear –

The design of the wedding saree makes it a special one. Starting from intricate embroidery to delicate design. A wedding saree with a range of designs will add elegance to your look.

You can have zari work, mirror work, Kundan work, or a stonework-designed wedding saree and if you want a beautifully designed wedding saree then you can try a geometrically designed wedding saree or a floral-designed wedding saree.

Colors to select for your wedding wear –

If you want to choose wedding wear then selecting a proper color is really important. If you want to take my suggestion then I will tell you to prefer the color red because red is the most popular color for marriage as it symbolizes love, passion, and commitment.

But I must tell you that modern-day brides prefer a wide range of colors starting from pastel shades to bold and vibrant hues.

You can select your wedding wear according to your skin tone. So if you have a glowy skin tone then you can prefer pink, peach, and coral saree and if you have a dark skin tone then you can prefer a white, khaki, and light blue color saree.

Fix your budget

Fixing your budget before indulging in a higher-priced saree is truly essential. Once you’re captivated by the gorgeousness of a wedding saree like Kanjivaram silk, or Banarasi, your heart may insist, but your budget might disagree. That’s why it’s crucial to fix a proper budget beforehand.

Select Kanjivaram silk according to your body type

If you’re tall, opting for a broad-bordered saree is a great choice. However, if you’re on the shorter side, it’s best to avoid broad borders. For those who are skinny Banarasi silk sarees can work wonders by adding a touch of volume to your body, enhancing your beauty.

Research and explore

Before buying the wedding saree you must do research and explore various wedding saree options. Bridal magazines and social media can be valuable resources for this purpose. By doing so, you can gain a good idea of the latest collections of wedding sarees.

Shop from a trusted shop

When it’s about having a wedding saree at that time it’s important to have it from a trusted shop. Look for a designer specializing in wedding sarees, known for selling sarees made from pure fabric. Before visiting the shop, it’s advisable to read their Google reviews or gather information about the shop from trusted sources like friends or family members.

Take trials before purchasing the wedding saree

Once you select a saree that looks beautiful in your naked eye do not forget to take it on and assess how it looks on your body. Take your time to drape the saree properly and check if it fits well on your body or not.

Maintenance and care for wedding sarees

We all know that after wearing a wedding saree, it often remains unused for long periods. Therefore, if you want to preserve your wedding saree for an extended duration, it’s essential to understand the maintenance and care tips, which we’ll describe below.

Do dry clean only

It’s crucial to dry clean your wedding saree. Washing it at home can potentially damage the fabric of your saree.

Store it properly –

You must store your wedding saree properly by keeping it in a cool, dry place and ensuring it’s away from direct sunlight.

Avoid ironing at higher heat

Do not iron your wedding saree at a higher heat setting rather you must iron your wedding saree at low heat.


If you’re still reading this article, I believe you’ve grasped how to choose your wedding saree for your big day. With numerous options available, finding the perfect one within your budget can be quite challenging. That’s why it might have been a smarter move to purchase a saree before reading this blog about tips for choosing a wedding saree.

Frequently Asked Question

Which Colour is best for a wedding saree?

If it’s a wedding day you can go for colors such as yellow, green, violet, maroon, or pastel shades.