The best party wear sari styles in India

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The best party wear sari styles in India

The saree sometimes pronounced saree is a draped dress made of a single fabric five or nine meters long that wraps the body of a woman in different ways.

Although it has been centuries since the sari was conceived as a hereditary dress for the Indians, the charm of this beautiful and extraordinary women’s clothing that suits the younger and older women alike has not diminished an iota. Even in the 21st century, the sari is well received by the most modern women of the Indian subcontinent as party wear of the highest style.

The result can be an elegant ceremonial dress, depending on the type of fabric used and the style of the drapery.

With folds, swirls, knots, and tucks, the Indians have for thousands of years exhibited an extraordinary elegance in clothing, with only the help of pieces of un-sewn fabric. No image is more evocative of India than that of a woman in a sari, which is undoubtedly the most long-lived traditional dress of this planet of ours.

Buy The Latest Party wear Sarees Online

No matter in which way you wear it a sari is, without doubt, the symbol of Indian women. Many women prefer to wear a sari to parties from gorgeous embroidered Banarasi Silks to Kanchipuram Silk Saree. Any sari especially a silk sari captures the essence of Indian women like nothing else can.

It is fitting to wear it to a party in place of western dresses that are commonplace. A skirt or a cocktail dress cannot ever have the grand personality and charm that a sari displays.

With the coming of various e-e-commerce sites such as Myntra and Jabong, it has become easier than ever to buy a sari from home for wearing to a party. Just log in and select one that you like and it will be delivered at home to you.

No more do you need to wander from shop to shop in stifling heat looking for the perfect material and color. With most of the outlets offering money back if you are not pleased there is no better time to buy a party wear saree than now.

Pretty Party wear Sarees Modern Women

Everyone has a closetful of western clothes. These are in all possible colors such as beige, fawn, and pink to match the theme of the party you are going to attend. But f you wish to rock the fashion quotient and turn heads just wear a saree. Why not try a Maheshwari Silk Saree? They are exceedingly lightweight and come in vivid colors. Saris come from all parts of India, and this creation hails from Madhya Pradesh. The soft color background has striking patterns and designs of temples and birds as well as geometric patterns.

Party Wear Saree With Designer Blouse

Most of these sarees come with a matching blouse piece. With optional extras such as tassel and piping, a blouse can be every bit as fetching as a saree. Go backless if you dare. They have become quite commonplace now as party wear. The best designer blouses have a quirky net back that exposes but also covers. Otherwise, if you are more coy wear a lace blouse and look ethereal. Here is literally no end to the types of blouses available now. If you are bold put on an embroidered blouse made of pink silk to match your red saree and you can be assured of creating a lot of stir when you enter the party.

The final suggestion is to go nude back with a lace string which is perfect for rocking a cocktail party of disco till wee hours of the morning.

Party Wear Saree In Low Price

Part wear saree need not cost several thousand. You can buy some which even cost as low as a thousand or less. Go for a captivating silk and cotton blend with a flower and leaf pattern. You could also try on an elegant silk saree from Shantipur in Bengal. Embroidered with zari, they are not expensive at all. Weavers from Bhagalpur also create masterpieces which are not at all costly to buy. Online you could purchase most of them quite cheap and at a good bargain.

Party Wear Sarees Design

Silk sarees are women’s attire which are in style forever. In spite of the comfort and craze that is women around western clothes sarees have always remained at the heart of fashion worn by Indian women. Wear it with traditional chunky jewelry from Rajasthan, and you will be the talk of the town.

Go for an unusually bold look. Give up the traditional saree and blouse and pair it with a leather jacket – a fusion look that is bound to make you the talk of the town for a long, long while. Otherwise, wear a blouse that has a lot of contrast – such as pairing a pink silk saree with a green and white brocade blouse. If it is studded with pearls all the better and you will look gorgeous.

Party Wear Sarees Online India

It is not at all possible for you to travel to different corners of India and hunt for the best saree designs that weavers create. There are many types of silk masterpieces in every nook and corner from Murshidabad in Bengal to Banarasi Silk. From Bhagalpur Silk to Gujarati tie and die bandhani print there are so many varieties. Go online, and you will be able to find thousands of designs neatly classified.

Just with a click of the mouse, you can buy the most beautiful masterpiece you desire.

Today, part of its history has become confused and lost in the distant past, but despite the limited scope for any change in the garment, the sari seems to have a bright future, thanks to the endless experimentation used to recreate its beauty for each new generation of women.

Thus, in the modern world, the sari continues to be cheap and easy to wear garment, suitable for work, leisure or to wear for the most important anniversaries and events.