Reetha Powder For Hair

I always said nature had blessed us with so many facilities. Natural hair dye is available in the form of henna and Indigo powder. There is natural room fresheners are available in the form of incense. In ancient times, there was no concept of cosmetics and washing products, so the question raised whether there was anything available as a hair or a hand wash. Well, yes, the ancient people used to wash their hands and hair with reetha. Reetha is also known as soapnut because it can produce foam, like a shampoo and a hand wash.

What is Reetha

The name of the tree from which we get reetha powder is Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn. The dried fruit of this tree is called reetha. It has many alternative names like soapnuts, soapberry or Aritha. When this diet fruit reetha comes in contact with water, by rubbing, it starts producing foam which works as a hand wash or a shampoo. Reetha is not only a foam-producing soap, and it has many benefits in it. So let’s discuss the hidden benefits of reetha.


Benefits of Reetha

Like all other natural things, Reetha also has many benefits in it. It has all the necessary properties. So the benefits of reetha are.

  1. Reetha has the properties of de-tanning. If you are facing the problem of tanning, you should try reetha.
  2. Reetha has the properties of anti Fungal activity.
  3. Reetha has properties that are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.
  4. It is so beneficial for hair as well.
  5. Some research has found that the reetha has anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties, which do not let the cancer cells grow.
  6. Reetha also has the properties of healing a wound. It is beneficial, but if you ever got any wounds, firstly consult your doctor.

All these properties are so important that they should be in every soap and shampoo. Still, unfortunately, these chemical-based shampoos and hand washes are only overhyped due to their artificial fragrances. They are full of chemicals. So we should use reetha regularly due to its exceptional properties. But the question is this, how can we use reetha for hair? I will tell you all the remedies you can use for healthy hair using reetha.

Reetha for hair

Reetha is so beneficial for hair. For centuries people have been using this for their hair. You can use this as shampoo or as a remedy for hair problems caused by dirt pollution. Right now, we are living in a world full of dirt and smoke pollution. The products we use for hair care are also full of chemicals. So it’s better to switch towards nature. You can take care of your hair ideally using natural and organic products.

Benefits Of Reetha For Hair

If you are facing hair problems and want to try all-natural products for your hair, then Reetha is the best alternative to shampoo and conditioner. As I mentioned before, the reetha can produce foam, so that you can use this as your shampoo. As we all know, natural products always have

no side effects and many benefits, so that you can switch to reetha powder. Reetha has many benefits in it, such as.

  1. It helps in preventing hair damage due to dirt and sweat
  2. It helps in preventing premature greying.
  3. It is a natural conditioner for hair.
  4. It also helps in cleansing your hair.
  5. It has anti-fungal properties, which help in preventing scalp infection. 7. It helps in preventing hair damage and hair loss.

Reetha can use with other natural things like coconut oil, yoghurt, egg, and henna. You can add these hair masks to your hair care routine.

Reetha hair masks

So if you are enthusiastic about your hair care routine and want to add all-natural ingredients, these hair masks are for you only.

Reetha hair mask for thick hair

If you are looking for a natural hair mask for thick hair growth, then you should try this. So the main ingredients are.

  1. Reetha powder
  2. Coconut oil


  1. Heat the coconut oil on medium flame.
  2. Add four tablespoons of reetha powder.
  3. Mix it well.
  4. After one boil, put off the flame
  5. Store this in a bottle for long-term use when the oil has cooled down.

How to apply this mask

The application of this mask is so easy. You only need to massage this mask gently onto your scalp and hair. Make sure to cover all your hair correctly. After applying this hair mask, wear a plastic cap. After almost 2 hours, wash your hair with a mild shampoo, for example, reetha shampoo.

Reetha and Heena’s Hair mask

If you are dying your hair with henna hair dye, so you should add reetha to it. Reetha will give moisture to the hair. Both henna and reetha will work together on hair. You can use this hair mask twice a week.


  1. Soak some henna in the water according to your hair volume overnight. 2. Next day add two tablespoons of reetha powder in it.
  2. Mix it well until you get the thick consistency of this mixture.


The method of applying is just like how we apply henna to hair.

Reetha and Yoghurt

If you want your hair looks smooth and shiny, it must not be fizzy and oily, and then this mask is only for you.


  1. Add two tablespoons of reetha powder to it
  2. Add a squeeze of lemon.
  3. Mix it well.



Apply this mask to your hair with your fingers and gently massage it properly. After applying this, wear a plastic cap and after 2 hours, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. I suggest using the reetha and coconut mask in 1st week and this mask in the second week.


Like every other natural thing, reetha has many benefits in it. It is the best alternative to chemical-based products, which damage the hair more. So always eat healthily and use organic natural products for your skin and hair. Natural products have zero side effects in it. On the other hand, the products we use nowadays are full of chemicals and affect us badly.