Photo Poses for Boy

What is Photo Poses for Boy?

Photo Poses for Boy, It does not matter if you are a newbie photographer or a loving parent – at some point, you will want to take pictures of your son. Maybe you can try to take one at a picnic, when he goes to the junior prom or when he is working out on the football field. Like all parents, you will like him to look fashionable and smart.

Most Photo Poses for Boy (photographers) tend to forget that posing of the subject is the most critical part of any photograph. Lighting comes second to it. The subject has to look exciting and emanate charm as well as look relaxed. It is more easily said that can be done. Ordinary people feel deeply uncomfortable when photographed and do not know how to let go and be natural in front of the camera. It takes a lot of coaxing and guidance to get the perfect shot.

But the process can definitely be made more comfortable with some suggestions about great poses which bring out the best in a young subject.

Basic standing pose, hands in pockets

If the subject is tall enough then standing poses are always best. The basic standing Photo Poses for Boy needs no accessories, and it is easy to snap them anywhere – from your garden to the golf links. Obviously standing stiff like a soldier is not going to make the photo impressive. Have the subject lean weight on to one foot (usually the left). The other foot can either point forward or to the side. Ask him to relax his shoulders and stuff his hands into the pockets of trousers in a slightly provocative way. The facial expression can be a smile, or he may look away. If you are very experienced the subject can look through you or slightly past you though this takes a little bit of mastery of the lens. Make sure that the smile does not turn out to be a smirk but a hint of it around the lips.

Standing + Props

It is important to realize at the outset that the prop is meant to complement the model and not overwhelm the image. The most perfect prop would probably be a denim jacket flung carelessly over one shoulder. It can be a variety of other things from a football to a baseball bat. A tennis racket is little too unwieldy for most models to pull off. A guitar is a beautiful prop also but has to be used with caution because it may take away attention from the theme of the picture.

Standing + Wall

There are a variety of ways this Photo Poses for Boy can be brought to life. The usual is leaning back against the wall, leaning back with one leg folded up, leaning with the left shoulder against the wall, leaning with shoulder and legs crossed at the ankle. The hands can be in pockets or arms can be akimbo for a slightly more aggressive feel. For a more coy look have him cross his arms and look cutely into the camera and smile. It is best if the wall has a dull, matte surface and no graffiti to distract attention away.

Sitting in a chair

The best way to perform this Photo Poses for Boy is sitting astride the chair and resting the elbows across its back. For a taller person, it is best to take a close up without the legs because they would look awkward. A shorter person can do full-length chair sitting poses.  Simple wooden slatted chairs are the best. Try and avoid anything ornate and even slightly antique looking. The alternative is sitting on a park bench with one leg folded over another. Try and shoot from varied angles and distance. It is tough to predict which one would look fine later on.

Sitting on the stairs

This one has got to be the favorite of tall young men. It gives them an easy way to literally spread their legs and look interesting. If the subject is sitting on bleachers, have them lean back and if they are on normal stairs have them lean forward. The foot can be asymmetrically placed with one higher and other extended. Unfortunately, this pose can only be carried off well by those above average height.

Sitting on a low object

Sitting on a small pedestal is no more than a foot tall is an excellent pose for those who are shorter. Something like a very low stool or a stone is perfect. Since they are short, there is not too much fuss about placing legs, and they can comfortably spread or extend it out as they wish. Obviously, the photo has to be from above, and the subject has to look up into the camera. Arms are usually kept crossed but can rest at the sides too. Experiment from many angles.

Sitting against a wall

The easiest way to look like James Dean without smoking is to take a picture while sitting against a wall. The trick is to look relaxed and seem to almost sprawl but has enough firmness in the pose so that the subject does not seem all squishy. Relax against the wall but also don’t relax fully. Tough one to follow that is true but gets spectacular results. Leaning back is suggested for those who are short and leaning forward for those who are taller. Take care that the limbs are evenly spread out and do not seem all over the image.

Sitting on the ground

Taking a photo against a grassy background usually produces excellent results. Grass cushions the body well allowing the subject to move about and change pose without feeling stiff and sore all over. Take full advantage of the ambiance and click away.

Crouched down

Crouched like a tiger just about to spring is a very dynamic pose. Exceptionally suitable for athletes and those who are wiry it is the most compelling way to pose for a photo. Zoom in and take a close up of the waist up.

Lying down on grass

Raised up on one elbow and looking into the camera with a brilliant smile is the most elegant pose there can be. The only problem is for the best shot the photographer has to lie down too, and the lens cannot be more than a foot off the ground.