Is Fashion Tape the Solution to All Your Fashion Woes?

Dressing to the nines and having a ‘main character’ moment is always something to look forward to. However, the glamorous outfits that celebrities don always seem impractical or too good to be true in real life. If you are constantly plagued by the fact that fashion doesn’t always work for you as it does for celebs, then you need to find out what they are doing right. Besides having stylists and designers on board to curate perfect outfits for them, Hollywood fashion tape keeps celebs in style all the time.

What is Fashion Tape?

If you are all into fashion and have never heard of fashion tape, that is a mystery that needs solving now!

Fashion tape is essentially double-sided tape that keeps clothes in place on your body. Unlike the stationary variety that some people use to secure clothes, this one is specifically made to be used on the body, and the adhesive does not irritate sensitive skin.

It comes in many forms, such as rolls, pre-cut strips, etc. You can choose between these depending on the type of fabric and the size of the clothes that you are trying to keep in place. Rolls of fashion tape are better if you often need the tape and use them in various locations. Cutting away suitable sizes of tape from the roll means there won’t be any wastage or slip-ups. The only downside is that you will always need a pair of scissors. On the other hand, pre-cut strips are easier to handle and can be perfect for preventing wardrobe malfunctions. From securing deep necklines to keeping swimwear in place, fashion tape is just the thing you need to avoid embarrassing fashion moments.

What Can You Fix With Fashion Tape?

Even after getting your hands on Hollywood fashion tape, without knowing all the ways you can use the tape means wasted potential. There is no fixed way to use fashion tape either. It is all about using your imagination and achieving results to your taste. Yet, here are a few ways to make use of your fashion tape.

Fake Hems

Imagine finding a dress perfect for an occasion, only if it is at an odd length. If you want to get the perfect hem without taking the dress to a tailor, you’ve got the solution at hand already. Use a strip of fashion tape to shorten the dress effortlessly and to whatever length you want.

Keep Shirts Closed

Sometimes, shirts just refuse to stay closed. Maybe it is popping buttons. Otherwise, it is the size of the shirt or a manufacturing defect. For instances like this, fashion tape can come to your rescue. A strip of tape at the problem spot will resolve all this trouble.

Keep the Lapel Right

Sometimes, lapels of jackets and blazers appear askew post-wash. If you need a sleek silhouette, take some fashion tape to it. Double-sided adhesive tapes can make sure that your outfit’s outline does not move, no matter what.

On Earrings, Too?

That’s right. You can use fashion tape on earrings as well. If you are wearing clip-on earrings that don’t seem stable enough, a bit of fashion tape is all you need to fix them.

Having a wardrobe malfunction is the most embarrassing thing. Instead of sticking to a safer choice of clothing, go ahead and wear what you love. With some Hollywood fashion tape, all your styling dreams can come true.

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