Leakage is an embarrassing phenomenon that most people face in their lifetimes, and it is more common than people think. While most people only face leaks at certain stages, patients with incontinence have to deal with this reality daily.


Incontinence is a medical condition that affects people’s ability to control their bladder and rectum, leading to bedwetting or soiling. Several products on online and offline stores cater to these patients. They also sell period underwear to replace sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups, and similar products. These products have scientific backing and consist of several layers. They provide maximum comfort and a worry-free experience.


Incontinence products and period underwear come in various sizes catering to a large audience of varying ages and genders. Anyone can effortlessly purchase one or more of the following products from online shopping websites and brands.


Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence underwear comes in varying styles like bikinis and briefs, allowing people to choose the one most comfortable for them. This type of underwear comes with several layers that absorb the leakage while keeping the area dry.


Though incontinence underwear comes with thick padding, they are invisible under regular outfits unless it is figure-hugging. The outer layer is a soft fabric that is gentle on the skin and suitable for even geriatric incontinence patients. These underwear do not require complicated care, and people can wash and maintain them effortlessly.


Incontinence Onesies

Incontinence onesies come for all ages ranging from newborns to retired people. The onesie is an outfit substitute, but one can also wear it underneath their dress. The onesie has padding in relevant places to absorb leaks and is also sweat-proof. The material is soft and water-proof, allowing for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The soft fabric is gentle against both newborn and older skin, allowing people to wear them to bed.



Swimwear incontinence and period products come with an additional water-proof and flexible material to enable free-flowing strokes while swimming. Several incontinence patients can now enjoy their time swimming and relaxing in pools without worry about their condition. This swimwear looks like regular swimwear, and people can sport them without apprehension. This range of swimwear comes in various styles, from bikinis, skorts, trunks, and more.



While incontinence and periods are common occurrences, people still feel conscious while talking about these topics. This social taboo leads to fewer people wanting to purchase incontinence products and have to find other alternatives to manage their condition. This situation is seeing a positive change globally, but people still self-conscious about this concept can start with protectors.


Incontinence protectors help save furniture from leakage, and people can cover the protector with throws or sheets. These protectors cover mattresses, sofas and other such furniture with custom incontinence protectors.


Light Bladder Leakage Inners

Another common problem is light bladder leakage and vaginal discharge. Some people face this medical condition which is a less severe version of incontinence. These products only contain light padding as the volume is less but provides the same benefits as incontinence products. It has a soft covering that is gentle on the skin and flexible, allowing freedom of movement. It is also water-proof, ensuring maximum comfort for sensitive areas.


Period Underwear

This innerwear essentially replaces tampons and other disposable menstrual products, which only add to landfills and environmental pollution. This underwear is suitable for long-term use and can undergo several washes. It also comes with several functional layers for maximum comfort and leak protection. It can absorb up to 100ml of volume, which is more than pads or tampons. The underwear is also flexible and water-proof, keeping people comfortable all day.

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