Clearance Certificates in Western Australia

A Police Check is mandatory for employees willing to get employed in an organisation. Many Australian organisations have begun conducting background checks on prospective employees. During the advent of the pandemic and over the past couple of years, one can observe a significant decrease in the number of fraud cases in Western Australia. Statistically, around twenty-six thousand cases have been reported regarding fraudulent activities in Western Australia. The western australia police clearance helps individuals have a clean record in their history as a citizen. Employers need to have an authority that clears individuals of any criminal activity in the past. Thus, this article will focus on understanding clearance certificates and their needs.


The need for WA Clearance Certificate


As previously mentioned, there is an increasing need for employers to conduct background checks on their applicants. There are a plethora of benefits employers get because of this process. Here are some widely observed advantages.


  1. i) Ensures Safety – Firstly, the entire purpose of a certificate is to make sure that the applicant does not have a history of illegal activities. This fact ensures the safety and sanctity of the workplace environment. As such, services provided by organisations and employees hired are safe and protected.


  1. ii) Reduced Risk – Firstly, an individual with a clearance certificate has all the information on their application matching with information on the national police database. This fact implies that they are honest and truthful about their application. If they have cleared all background checks, it immensely reduces the risk of negligence.


iii) Regulatory Compliances – Laws also have provisions for hiring practices. As such, many organisations abide by the law when they perform a background check on individuals. Individuals in Western Australia avail these certificates to prove their credentials and their history as a citizen. As such, these certificates comply with the law and are highly beneficial.


What is a background check?


As the name suggests, background checks convey the history of an individual as a citizen. Western Australian Organisations ask for a background check before hiring individuals. As such, here are a few vital elements included in a background check.


  1. i) Identification – The individuals’ name, any name changes they have undergone over the years, and their identity checks are vital. The WA police force checks the individuals’ credentials with concerned authoritative documents to ensure individuals are who they claim to be.


  1. ii) Educational Details – The individuals’ educational background and credentials are vital for employers. Background checks ensure that individuals do not fake their educational background and deliver appropriate information.


iii) Professional History – Another vital piece of information is an individuals’ work history. A background check delivers accurate information on an individual’s history in previous workplaces. This piece of information gives employers clarity on the individuals’ performance.


  1. iv) Criminal Background – Finally, a background check also contains the criminal history of an individual. It conveys all past offences committed and convictions. All forms of crimes get included in this background check. As such, this piece of information helps employers ensure safety in the workplace environment.


In conclusion, the western australia police clearance process helps employers get the complete history of an individual. As mentioned earlier, these pieces of information are vital for the organisation and the individual. While many individuals ask why this check is necessary, legislation stipulates the performance of these checks to ensure safety in the workplace. Employers comply with governmental guidelines while performing these checks. This activity also helps ensure a safe environment for the employees and others.

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